Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna produces an enormous benefit to the entire organism, it provides energy, purifies the skin, helps to eliminate impurities, and stimulates your circulation.

Pine sauna

A special heater, where the metal basin is filled with aromatic herbs and pine branches, diffuses a warm vapour. The aromatic flow produces an immediate beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and provides a sensational balance between spirit and soul.

Steam bath

The steam bath is part of the ancient tradition of purifying baths, the precursors of saunas. Thanks to the healthy combination of humidity and heat the body relaxes, and muscle tensions are likely to be loosened. The warm vapour penetrates the skin and s


Heat bench

Enjoy the heat bench for a moment of relaxation, or while you reflect on your next choice of sauna.

Cold fog shower

This is a reactive shower which should be taken after a sauna session. Through the cold water fog, enriched with natural eucalyptus and menthol essences, and a colour therapy, the shower regenerates and brings you to a dimension where your body and spirit achieve comfortable wellbeing.