Finnish sauna

The Finnish panorama sauna produces an enormous benefit to the entire organism, it provides energy, purifies the skin, helps to eliminate impurities, and stimulates your circulation.

Hay sauna

The special heating stove and the hay basket, which contains natural scents of high mountain grass, spread a warm steam. The aromatic flow produces an immediate beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and provides a sensational balance between spirit and soul.

Steam bath

The steam bath is part of the ancient tradition of purifying baths, the precursors of saunas. Thanks to the healthy combination of humidity and heat the body relaxes, and muscle tensions are likely to be loosened. The warm vapour penetrates the skin and s


Ice cascade

After sauna or steam bath sessions, exposure to a colder temperature will give you not only an immediate cool-down but also a pleasant feeling of well-being. The cold of the ice stimulates cell metabolism thanks to its toning and revitalising effect on the skin and makes the muscle tissue firmer and more elastic.