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Dear guests,
You have even the possibility during the winter-season to have massages. You can enjoy massages to relax and feeling more well.
Antistress massage25 minutes
from 34.00 €
Deep massage with slow and prolonged movements, that have a strong relaxing. Harmonizes the relationship between body and mind and stimulates blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
Total massage -  Duration 50 min. | € 56,00
Partial massage - Duration 25 min.| € 34,00
Ayurveda Massage80 minutes
from 90.00 €
The Ayurveda practices play an important role in purifying the body. The massage with warm, individually selected, aromatic oils is designed to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, reinforcing the immune system and reducing cellulite.
Back massage25 minutes
34.00 €
Do you often feel muscle tension? Does it hurt your back? This massage is very effective, relaxes muscles and relieves stress, tension and sleep disturbance.
Face and scalp massage25 minutes
34.00 €
Massage designed to relieve stress and tension that focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and face. It is recommended for those who are suffering from neck ache. Ideal for those who love to be pampered and want to reduce the signs of aging.
Foot Reflexology45 minutes
56.00 €
This is a massage technique applied on the feet and is based on the belief that they may be reflected on all the organs, glands and body parts. Through the stimulation of nerve endings acts on rebalancing psycho/physical individual and is indicated especially in the case of pain and functional disorders passengers, such as the nervous tension and migraine headaches.
Lymphatic drainage50 minutes
56.00 €
Gentle massage alternated with intensive techniques to facilitate the expulsion of the lymph and excess toxins. This tiyp of massge is a very effective method to deal with the water retention und is an excellent technique to reactivate the lymphatic circulation.
Massage with alpine herbs50 minutes
from 62.00 €
A massage with warm oil, deeply relaxing, gentle and regenerating, for a sensory journey through the scents of the Alps.
Reaktivity massage25 minutes
from 34.00 €
This massage is good to revitalize, firm and tone the tissues. Acts not only on the muscles, but also on the skin and more generally on the state of health and vigolr of the person.
Total massage - Duration 50 min. | € 56,00
Partial massage - Duration 25 min. | € 34,00
Sport massage25 minutes
from 36.00 €
This massage prepares the muscle making it ready for the commitment, relaxes after exercise and improves recovery time. It is suitable for those who do sports because it increases muscle tone, relieves joints, promotes the absorption of lactic acid and revitalizes the body.
Total massage - duration 50 min. | € 60,00
Partial massage - duration 25 min. | € 36,00