Dear guests,
You have even the possibility during the winter-season to have massages. You can enjoy massages to relax and feeling more well.
Antistress massage25 minutes
from 42.00 €
Relaxing massage with slow and prolonged movements, that have a strong relaxing power. It harmonizes the relationship between body and mind and stimulates blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
Total massage -  Duration 50 min. | € 66,00
Partial massage - Duration 25 min.| € 42,00
Back massage25 minutes
42.00 €
Do you often feel muscle tension? Does your back hurt? This massage is very effective, relaxes muscles and relieves stress, tension and sleep disturbance.
Face and scalp massage25 minutes
42.00 €
Massage designed to relieve stress and tension that focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and face. It is recommended for those who are suffering from neck pain. Ideal for those who love to be pampered and want to reduce the signs of aging.
Massage with alpine herbs50 minutes
72.00 €
A massage with warm oil, relaxing, decontracting, toning and draining, relaxes the joints, improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Enjoy a sensory journey through the scents of the Alps.
Reaktivity massage25 minutes
from 42.00 €
It aims to revitalize, firm and tone the tissues. Acts not only on the muscles, but also on the skin and more generally on the state of health and vigor of the person.
Total massage - Duration 50 min. | € 66,00
Partial massage - Duration 25 min. | € 42,00
Sport massage50 minutes
70.00 €
This massage prepares the muscles making them ready for the commitment, relax them after activity and improves recovery time. It is suitable for those who do sports because it increases the tone of muscles, relieves joints, promotes the absorption of lactic acid and revitalizes the body.
Total massage - duration 50 min. | € 70,00