During bad weather

A nice chance to visit South Tyrol

It rarely happens, but if the sky clouds over, don’t feel discouraged. Alta Badia, like the rest of South Tyrol, is a land rich in traditions and culture that is yours to discover, a splendid countryside to explore and many interesting places to visit. Museums, ancient churches, picturesque castles, local artisan shops and monuments. There is an embarrassment of riches, and to help you we offer itineraries to some points of interest that will make for great days even in bad weather.

Ladin Ćiastel de Tor Museum in San Martino

A trip through the history of the Ladin people will uncover traditions and details about the area that have allowed the culture of the past to be preserved even now. The museum is in the scenic Ćiastel de Tor in San Martino, a wonderful castle surrounded by a charming landscape.

Ötzi, the man from the ice

A stay in Alta Badia is a chance to visit Bolzano and see Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old mummy found perfectly preserved in the ice of the Val Senales glacier. The South Tyrolean Museum of Archaeology contains not only the man from the ice but also his equipment and clothing, now completely restored.

Loden World at Vandoies

In this museum dedicated to Loden fabric you can discover the original way that sheep’s wool became Loden, the fabric used to make overcoats, trousers, cloaks and skirts, now prized garments but once common clothing among the mountain people. The view is especially fun for children, who get involved in various interesting activities.

Novacella Abbey

A short distance from Bressanone rises the imposing Novacella Abbey of the Order of the Augustinian Canonics. A guided tour will take you into the splendid church, the ancient cloister, the remarkable picture gallery and finally the historic library. Inside, you can also sample and buy excellent wines produced and bottled in the Abbey wine cellar, along with many other food specialities.

The mines of Predoi

An engaging adventure towards the centre of the earth. A visit to the ancient copper mines of Prednoi in Valle Aurina is a unique experience that fascinates young and old. A mini-train will take you to the mine’s narrow galleries, as much as to 500 metres deep, letting you learn how the miners used to work and how they retrieved and processed copper. An expert guide will accompany you on an exciting trip.


Take advantage of the days when the weather isn't so nice to go shopping or for some museum visits or to see some interesting landmarks:
  • Bear Museum in S. Cassiano
  • visit the church of La Villa
  • visit the church of S. Leonardo / Pedraces
  • visit the birth place of the holy Giuseppe Freinademetz at Oies / Pedraces
  • visit the church of St. Barbara at Wengen
  • artisan shop at Pederoa
  • ethnographic museum at Teodone (Tel. +39 0474 552087)
  • mining museum at Vipiteno (Tel. +39 0472 764875), at Pradoi (Tel. +39 0474 654298)
  • Sprechenstein and Reifenstein medieval castles at Vipiteno
  • wood sculptures of Val Gardena
  • the dome and library at Bressanone with unique and original precious items
  • archeological museum ("Ötzimuseum") at Bolzano (Tel. +39 0471 320100)
  • wine museum at Caldaro (Tel. +39 0472 758121)
  • historical - cultural museum at Tirolo (+39 0473 220221)